Fully Integrated Solar & Energy Storage Solutions

National Energy Holdings’ subsidiaries serve the entire energy market, from distribution and fulfillment of our powerful solar and storage technologies, to our lucrative financing solutions of our own energy fund, we are advancing renewable energy by creating investment opportunities throughout the entire green energy ecosystem.

“Together, we’re not just a company; we are a movement towards a brighter, greener, and more efficient tomorrow.”

Who We Are

National Energy Holdings is capitalizing on the way Energy Technologies are being brought to the market.

There was more than $225 Billion in new investment in the deployment of clean energy technologies in the U.S. over the past year, a greater than 38% annual increase, over the previous year, clearly fueled by the new IRA Tax Incentives that started in 2023.

Our portfolio includes three diverse and competitive companies, each rapidly growing in their respective domains of sales & installation, manufacturing and financing solutions.

National Sales & Installations

  • Provides sales functions
  • Designs and engineers the plans
  • Installs the products
  • Sells more customers

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Manufactures the products
  • Ships hardware to jobsite
  • Provides the warranty

National PPA Financing

  • Cycle starts by funding project
  • Owns the solar/energy assets
  • Tax credits fund more projects
  • Earns residual income on assets for 30 years
Market Studies Project The Industry To Grow To Over $2 Trillion By 2030


Invested in 2023

+ 38%

Growth Over 2022


Market Size By 2030

Clean Energy is Experiencing Explosive Growth Fueled by the Largest Tax Incentives Ever

To Achieve Our Nations Goals Of Net-Zero Emissions By 2050, Everyone In Our Industry Will Need To Increase Sales By More Than Threefold By 2030 & Continue That Pace For The Following 20 Years
  • The IRA has Boosted Tax Incentives to unprecedented levels.
  • IRA recently approved in 2022 and runs for the next decade.
  • Incentives can cover up to 100%+ of project costs.
  • Over $1 Trillion in tax incentives available for clean energy.

NEI is the original company and is Sales and Installations Arm of the portfolio. Providing Sales and Construction services to residential, commercial, multi-family and non-profit sectors.

Products and Services:

  • National sales of solar, energy storage and EV charging systems.
  • Installation of solar, energy storage and EV charging systems.
  • Provides operations, maintenance and support services.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Developed over 1,800 projects since 2020.
  • Managed by a leadership team with over 50 years of combined energy experience with a deep understanding of program requirements.
  • Developed industry leading safety standards to deal with key installation weaknesses identified within our industry.
  • Prioparitay software that manages the entire workflow from sales to utility integration.

TruPower is the Manufacturing Arm of the companies, focusing on bringing the latest solar, storage and EV charging systems to the USA market.

Products and Services:

  • PowerGain Solar Modules.
  • Innovative Residential Batteries.
  • Visually appealing Commercial Batteries.
  • DC-to-DC high-voltage EV Chargers.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Patent pending battery technology for easier installations and maintenance.
  • Direct partnerships with the largest manufactures in the world ensures
  • TruPower can meet rapidly growing demands, while offering bankable warranties.
  • Provides more power in smaller form factor.
  • Use of advanced AI controls provide better battery management for optimal performance.

EnrgFund is the Financial Arm of the companies and has the ability to fuel the growth of the entire portfolio, while creating recurring revenue streams, while paying for the installation cost projects through the use of tax incentives.

Products and Services:

  • Offers financing options for energy projects that are in high incentive/rebate areas that are identified by National Energy.

Competitive Advantages:

  • Developed a model that takes advantage of Tax Incentives and Utility Programs to cover up to 100% of the cost to build, own and operate clean energy assets.
  • EnrgFund’s assets create Recurring Revenue streams that last for 30 years for each new project that is acquired.
  • Developing the first crowdfunding platform in the US to fund renewable energy projects via Power Purchase Agreements.